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  • How Can I Have Alliance Content Sent to Me by Email or RSS?
  • Why do the blogs not accept comments?
    • Alliance websites and blogs are directed and edited by ordained pastors and theologians, seeking to provide insights into the important doctrines and debates of our day. It was not designed to be a public square where all ideas share equal footing. However, your opinions are important to us.
  • Why Don't I See the Latest Features of the Website?
    • If you visit our website frequently, your web browser stores elements of the web page in a cache so they do not have to be downloaded each visit, making browsing faster. In some cases, when a website is changed, you may not be able to view the changes because you are viewing the cache.

      To solve this problem do a hard refresh, which bypasses the cache and loads the actual page as it is stored on the server. To do this hold down the command or control key while clicking on the refresh button or pressing F5. Alternatively, you can hold down the shift key, the command/control key, and the letter R.


  • What are the Shipping Rates for Products?
    • The Alliance will ship to the United States and Canada for a flat rate of $4. Shipping outside the United States or Canada must be priced individually as rates vary based on country. Full payment and an email address are required for orders outside of the United States and Canada. Due to high levels of deceit in these situations, orders cannot ship without payment in advance.
  • Can I pay with a check instead of a credit card?
    • If you would like to pay by check, please write down the titles you would like (please include the code for each product if you can), and send your order to:
      Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
      600 Eden Rd
      Lancaster, PA 17601

      Please include the shipping amount in your check total. Shipping prices can be found here.

  • My order has arrived damaged or incorrect, what should I do?
    • First, the Alliance stands behind all of its products, attempting to ship right every time, first time.  But mistakes and errors do happen in the manufacturing and distribution process, so we promise to make it right!  If you find something broken or wrong, you should let us know right away.  The fastest way is th phone our customer service team at 215-546-3696, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern.  You can also email
  • How can I download an MP3?
    • 1. Select the MP3 you wish to purchase by clicking the Add To Cart button.
    • 2. Select the quantity and then click Proceed to Checkout button.
    • 3. Click the Submit Order button and either create a new profile or log-in to your current one.
    • 4. Enter payment information (follow prompts).
    • 5. Click Submit Order Now.
    • 6. After you have completed step 5 you will see a screen that displays your entire order.  Next to your order you will see the word "Download" in blue.
    • 7. Click the word "Download" to begin downloading your MP3.
    • 8. If you wish to wait and download the MP3 at a later time you will just need to log-in and review your orders to find the "Download" button.


Audio Products

  • What is an MP3? And What is the Difference Between MP3s on CD and MP3s on DVD?
    • MP3s are digital audio files that can be played in a variety of players. Due to the smaller file size, more MP3 messages can fit per disc than traditional audio files. MP3s on CD can be played in some CD players, most DVD players, and on the computer. MP3s on DVD can be played in most DVD players and newer computers. In all cases MP3s can be saved to a computer, imported into iTunes, Windows Media Player, or similar software and then be sent to a portable MP3 player like an iPod.

      One other MP3 fact is that many publishers digitally protect MP3 files to stop copying and sharing. We do not restrict our MP3s. So you may make copies for your personal use across several players. But we do ask that one respect the Alliance's licenses and permissions with our contributors and speakers by not distributing beyond your own personal, family use.

  • How Can I Load MP3 files from a DVD into iTunes?
    • The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals sends large sets of MP3s on DVD media, as it holds considerably more data than a CD. This is usually done with the anthologies we offer. Below are some simple instructions to transfer the MP3 files into your iTunes. Other media players, such as Windows Media Player, use similar ways to transfer the MP3s to your computer for easy use.

      1. Put a disc from the PCRT anthology into your computers DVD drive
      2. Open iTunes
      3. Click on the menu icon then click "Add files to Library..."
      4. Click on your DVD drive
      5. Click on the first message, scroll down to the last message, press and hold the shift key and then      click the last message. This will select all the messages on the disc
      6. Click "Open"
      7. After several minutes the mp3s will all be in iTunes

  • Can I burn copies of Alliance messages to share with others?
    • If you are an Alliance Friend, we will happily provide additional copies of your monthly CDs to share with others. If you are part of the Alliance President's Circle, we will gladly give you as much audio as you care to have and to give away. Alliance Allies get free audio as fast as they can return survey forms and can give away those messages as they wish. And Alliance Reformation Societies are encouraged to request audio sets to give away at their meetings.
    • Every MP3 or CD purchased gives much needed funding to the ministry of the Alliance to continue it’s work in producing and delivering such high quality teaching, and ultimately resources. So we respectfully ask that our audio not be duplicated beyond personal use and never reposted on the internet.
    • The Alliance has a vast library of audio resources that we are pleased to share and pray you are blessed by it. We attempt to keep our costs low and that audio as affordable as possible. It might go unnoticed that a single message required two plane flights, an honorarium to the speaker, hours of editing and mastering, as well as materials and packaging. Further, some content is available only by a license agreement with its owner.
  • Why Isn't the Message I'm Looking for Available?
    • The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has thousands of messages, hundreds of sets, in several different formats and media types. The possible combinations and outputs can be overwhelming. Occasionally messages are not recorded at a high quality or are lost. We have made all attempts within our limited resources to provide best quality, complete content. But situations and occasions arise when certain messages are not usable or are not of the highest level. In those cases, we apologize. Should you receive any resource from the Alliance that you are not 100% happy with, we will happily (and insistently) replace or refund your payment. Thank you for your partnership with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals!
  • Does the Alliance Record and Offer the Event Q&A Sessions for Sale?
    • Event Question and Answer session recordings are not available due to the lower quality recording that is usually accomplished during these sessions. Further, they are often done in a light-hearted and joking manner and without the benefit of hearing it in its entirety or seeing the speakers in context, the message could be confusing or hurtful. The Alliance encourages conference attendance to hear these sessions, as well as fellowship and teaching.
  • Why have I not received the free premium I requested from the Alliance?
    • In order to share our limited resources with as many people as possible, please limit your free requests to no more than one per month per household.

Mailing Address

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
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