Publishing offers a unique way for the Alliance to address the concerns of our Church and culture. Seeing words on a page helps people to stop and think about what they are considering, enabling and encouraging them to think critically in ways that audio and visual media may not. See below to learn more about Alliance publishing! 


Visit our websites to find thought-provoking articles about theology, life, history, and current events. We also offer daily devotionals from both James Boice and Matthew Henry, as well as a catalog of valuable audio and reading material. 



The Alliance is proud to partner with its authors in order to proclaim biblical doctrine in a modern context. Follow the link above to view the works of Richard Phillips, Donald Barnhouse, Jonathan Master, and more! 


Alliance booklets are a valuable resource, providing big ideas in small packages. Visit this page to view our offerings on an array of topics, including the doctrine of Scripture, the end-times, personal holiness, and more!   

Eternity Magazine

Eternity Magazine halted publication years ago, but its decades of archives continue to be a treasure trove of outstanding biblical teaching!